Adult education has been an issue of concern for decades. The rate of illiteracy is particularly high in rural areas especially among socially marginalized communities, women and people from rural areas. Adult education is one of the most recent and much needed effort to bridge these gaps.

There are many illiterates in the villages of Ananthapur district. SRI has been taking care of about 300 persons by way of teaching simple arithmetic and educating them up to primary level. The society hopes to take care of more number of persons in the years to come as and when the finances permit. Thus the co- operation among members is slow but surely taking shape and in the long run the benefits will surely accrure to them. Thus the society has been doing its best in the District. If the finances of the society permit it pledges to do more in the years to come.

How you can help ?

In order to reduce out adult illiteracy and to promote literacy achievement and social success, we are seeking funds. This project focuses on adult illiterates who have interest to become literate. Develop 15 adult education centers, one at one village to provide adult learning opportunities to adult illiterates.

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