Board Members



YADAV SATYA KUMAR is born and brought up at PRODDATUR Kadapa District, and completed his studies from S.V University TIRUPATI, CHITTOOR District. He develops compassion at the age of 40 years. While working he has come across many rural women and families below poverty line due to lack of opportunities. To empower and eradicate poverty in rural areas, he started serving them with awareness and home assistance programmes for the people with special needs and is working on one-on-one programme that requires a lot of care to cope for day to day living. He has experienced the situation of rural areas and villages has rescued the orphans, poor and old people and helping them by providing supportive housing combined with accessible health care, nutritious food and psycho-social supports. He had encountered many hardships in his endeavor to provide basic amenities to the people to live more happily. He wants to support the rural people to get justice for empowerment for which he is mobilizing funds to get women and children their due share from the society to meet their health and social needs.

(Retired Professor)


Sri. Dr. D. CHENNA REDDY is Retired Professor in Rural Developement & Social Work Department from Sri Krishna Devaraya University. He has taken development initiatives aims at improving rural people's livelihoods that contribute to sustainable livelihoods through multi sectoral action projects to improve literacy, livelihood, and health and leadership development.
He supports to empower the voluntary organizations through a special support, mechanism have an impact on many aspects of people with disabilities living in socio economic conditions has to play their due role in achieving this mission. The mission is to strengthen organisations to improve the lives of rural people and to create an opportunities to achieve a better life through a better system.



SRI S. SRINIVASULU has completed his Post Graduation in from Gulbarga University, Karnataka, after completion of his studies joined in A.P Co-op oil Seeds. Grower’s Federation ltd., (A Co-op sector of Andhra Pradesh Govt) which is associated with farmer’s and worked around 12 year’s service and got good relation with the farmer’s society entire district. And he started business as C&F agent by for Karnataka Soaps and Detergents limited (Mysore Sandal Soap), Bharath Bio-Tech International Ltd., and Indian Oil Corporation (Servo Stockiest). His passion to work for underprivileged people in rural areas has brought him to SRI to support the organization and to empower the poor and marginalized. To help the rural poor to realise their true potential, he conducted several programmes on poverty, youth, older persons, persons with disabilities and indigenous peoples to improve their quality of life that can make a positive contribution to the healthy world.



NAGA PRASHANTHI is born and brought up in Ananathaputramu town. She is studying her MBBS in Rajeev Gandhi Health University of Bangalore. She joined Society for Rural Improvement in the year2013 as a volunteer. Inspite of her extraordinarily busy schedule with academics, she is able to work for the organization. Her advice and able guidance in various activities of the organization empowers the community. Her aim is to provide health services in rural areas and concentrating on women and child health care. She provides personalized women's health child care to supportive environment, to nurture, recruit, train to build, maintain healthy and affordable homes. As a Joint- Secretary NAGA PRASHANTHI with her creative ideas actively involves for empowerment, and organize several fund-raising events.



SUMANGALI is born and brought up at Guntakal town. She completed her graduation in B.A from Sri Krishandevaraya University. She joined society for Rural Improvement in 2012 year. Her interest in social services has brought her to SRI, Work ethic is a value based on hard work and diligence. Sumangali organizes various welfare Programs especially in the rural areas that provide benefits to low-income individuals and families. Her efforts to work for women education she has made significant strides, awareness programs for women education, Malnutrition, “Mallibadi”, with the goal of helping the poor and orphaned children in rural areas.



LAXMI is born and brought up at Guntakal town. She joined SRI in 2013 year. She is a co-ordinator of women’s wing, reaching women farmers imparting awareness and specific trainings, she actively involved in the planning. Helping women farmers understand various tasks they have to perform in agriculture, she is the training in-charge of rural youth.



NARAYANA SWAMY is a Social Worker. He joined SRI in 2013 year. He started rural camp journey by making all the preparations into creating awareness programmes on HIV-AIDS and Training Education in Agriculture. Raise awareness of malnutrition, Identify older people who are malnourished or at risk. Provide support, care and treatment and monitor progress and evaluate activities.

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