Consumer awareness programs


Realizing the importance of consumer awareness in rural and remote areas, SRI has been given top priority. There is an urgent and increasing necessity to educate and motivate the consumer to be wary of the quality of the products and to be vigilant with a discerning eye so as to be able to protect them from any wrongful act on the part of the trader. The overall goal of the consumer awareness activities is to create and sustain awareness amongst different categories. The knowledge to be imparted is also delivered in a more interactive atmosphere in the form of educational talk, dialogue, exhibition, demonstration. Organize and conduct seminars workshop and group discussions and thus provide a platform.

SRI believes that there is a need to educate consumers’ education and awareness activities to promote and protect the welfare of the consumers and strengthen the voluntary consumer movement in Anantapuramu District particularly in the rural areas. Our effort to educate the consumers about their rights. The market is constantly being flooded with new products and services, making it difficult for consumers to choose the right products. It is about comparing products and services from different sellers to learn more information. It is about having the freedom to choose what best suits consumer needs.

Consumers have the right to speak up and voice their dissatisfaction. If, problems cannot be resolved with the seller, they can seek recourse from state and local consumer protection offices. Through the awareness activities, a number consumer concerns are identified, instant consumer feedback is got and dialogue between consumers, the regulator and service providers is strengthened.


There are still a good number of illiterates in the rural areas of Anantapuramu. Printed literatures and pamphlets are of no use to them. So these segments of population need special trainings on consumer affairs. With regard to the general population, however, more awareness programmes are to be conducted at frequent intervals.

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