Drug De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre


Alcohol and drug addiction has emerged as a serious concern in India. Many of the victims use different kinds of drugs, alcohol and tobacco that cause major health problems. Such population comes from diverse socio-economic, cultural, religious and linguistic backgrounds. Addiction is becoming an area of concern in rural areas of Anantapuramu District.

SRI has 25 bedded drugs and alcoholism prevention home. The objective of this home is to create awareness and educate the people about the ill-effects of alcoholism and substance abuse on the individual, family and the society at large. SRI provides community based services for identification, motivation, counseling, de-addiction, after care for the addicted vulnerable groups who are at risk. The entire strategy is to empower the society and the community to deal with the problem of drug abuse.

Our Centre adopts wide variety of approaches, systems and methodologies for treatment and rehabilitation of the addicts suitable and adaptable to the social customs, traditions and culture. Treatment of addicts integrate into delivery system, programmes for psychosocial counseling of the addict and his family/peer groups; programmes for vocational training/rehabilitation and comprehensive programme for after-care and follow-up.

Our Centre is equipped with experts from various fields including doctors, counselors, community workers, social workers etc. Thus, it is a multi-disciplinary approach being applied according to the needs of individual cases. They work in coordination with the community resources as well infrastructure and services available. To facilitate the medical treatment of hard-core addicts requires intensive long-term medical attention.


While all round efforts are being made for prevention of drug addiction, a long journey is yet to be covered to ensure to rebuild their lives. The empowerment of society through awareness and treatment is the solution to support the drug abuse.

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