Environmental programs


There are still a good number of illiterates in the rural areas of Anantapuramu. Printed literatures and pamphlets are of no use to them. So these segments of population need special trainings on consumer affairs. With regard to the general population, however, more awareness programmes are to be conducted at frequent intervals.

SRI is focused on exploring environmental issues working on protection, conservation and awareness. Today we come across various critical issues facing in the world today, each playing its own role in making the world a more livable, sustainable and to prevent of damage to the environment, SRI has conducted environmental awareness camps in the rural areas to ensure better awareness program on environment and protection of environment thereby securing a long term solution to environmental problems through development of an improved environmental ethic within the mandals of Anantapuramu District.

Protection of environment and its limited natural resources has been the confronting situation in the era of competitive industrial development. School focused environmental awareness has been conducted to raise the awareness level of students and form an effort on behalf of them to ensure better environment, by forming school environmental clubs. Planting of 5000 saplings in schools and in other places and to rebuilding our lives without destroying the earths resources.

Environment awareness activities and campaigns through seminars, workshops, public meetings, film shows, advertisements, posters and banners are envisaged. The action component will include, revitalizing natural channels and drains, prevent cultivation in the lake area, plantation, etc. The collaborating/ supporting agencies have been identified as the Irrigation Department of Anantapuramu, Panchayats of different mandals and the communities at large.


The Consequences of the Environmental pollution are not hard to comprehend, whereas the solution to ending environmental pollution is not easy to come. The campaign educates communities on children’s special health vulnerabilities and brings together community leaders to collaborate on efforts prevent harm in their communities.

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