Free education from KG to PG Students


SRI has conducted survey to collect the updated figures of dropout rate in all the districts of Anantapuramu and has come across that many of the children are school dropouts are lack of facilities and no access to education, due to economical and social reasons.. SRI has formal education to all children SRI has taken an initiative of free education from KG to PG for the dropouts and conducted several awareness programme like society, Mandatory teaching of constitutional rights, protection; what is corruption, how to identify corrupt people act, how to prevent corruption as part of school curriculum.

This programme inspires the children to join the school. In this programme children are prepared for formal schooling in non-formal approach. SRI is planning to start in the 2016-2017 academic year targeting a minimum of 200 children to bring them in education system. The main activities of this programme are as follows:

1. 50 Dropout children are motivated and enrolled in non-formal education system.

2. Fees, books and uniforms are provided to them for retaining them in the education programme.

3. Educational and psychological counseling is provided to them regularly.

4. Yearly one outing/picnic is organized for the children.

5. Regular follow up is carried out by home visits and personal contacts.

The purpose of our initiatives for learning and education are to make skill development facilities accessible to the rural youth and give girls from poor families an opportunity for all round education and development. We have been implementing two major programs for learning and education. Computer literacy centre for youth and children to impart IT skills. Support Girl Child for education and overall development of school going girls.

The centre has a well equipped computer lab and classroom. At least twenty five trainees can have hands on training at any given time. Program for youngsters is provided to college students and school. This has met with a positive response from many parents.

Children are provided with food, clothing, shelter, health care, counseling and support guidance, social and economic rehabilitation through education, awareness generation and skill up gradation.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.