Hinduism is not a Religion alone but it is a way of life. It is science- physics, chemistry, psychology, moral science and rules to up keep social norms, environment, ecological balance and many more like mathematics and astronomy too.
All of the above are packed in a devotional way of observing it like usage of turmeric, neem leaves, worshipping nature, non-vegetarianism and so like worshipping of cows.
As a cow also purifies the environment with its body wastes like urine and dung besides giving less fat and healthy milk, keeping a cow in the house was said as auspicious. It is a way of life for Hindus to worship everything that is benevolent and useful to the sustenance of life on the earth, cows have been worshipped. Performing a ritual of worship or a festival or a celebration like a marriage or shifting to a new house is not complete in Hindu rituals unless the cow dung and cow’s urine are not used.
It is simple logic that a thing comes under worship will never be damaged by people on the earth. One may harm if it is only told as useful and having medicinal values. But if a devotional way of performing pooja linked with the punya (good deed) and papa (sins) is taught and observed as a tradition, it will always stay in the social system. And that was what was done by the promoters of Hinduism as they did not want to kill the animal even after it stopped giving milk.
But, unfortunately because of the invasion of the culture in India, the present situation is that the cows are being driven to the slaughter houses when they found to their knowledge that they are not useful anymore when no more milking cab be done due to old age.
That is where the role of Goshala situated in Anantapuramu Town was assumed to do some service to the old cows by saving those divine lives from doing injustice to the cows that in turn is going to harm our society as a whole.

Our Aim

We want to give shelter to those cows that are being taken to the slaughter houses. For that, we have started making sheds to take care of those poor cows by providing food, shelter and medical attention.

It is estimated that about 100 cows are being driven to slaughter houses every day in the Telugu speaking districts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and Anantapuramu alone contributes to 200 out of it.

We made a humble start with the cow shelters to house 200 cows at present and slowly picking up with the joining of hands of the philanthropists, animal lovers and who care for the safeguarding of the global environment.

Love and care is what any living creature on the earth asks for after its retirement from the active life. But in the case of cows, it is not only the responsibility of the human beings to give it to the cows as a coexisting animal on the earth but also it is a repayment of debt to it for doing so much of service to the mother earth.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.