Health and Awareness Programs


SRI is conducting Health and Awareness programmes in many districts of Anantapuramu, where women and infants suffer from easily remedied health problems. We have in-house doctors who conducts health checkups and our doctors provide each patient with required medication, referrals for further treatment, advice them on diet and regular medication. Pregnant women were given essential health information regarding nutrition during pregnancy and proper infant care. The main focus is on services to poor and needy patients, Child Health and Nutrition, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Maternal and New Born Care, cleanliness of environment, health, HIV/ AIDS and hygienic practices, safe drinking water etc.

SRI has taken an initiative by popularizing preventive measures and hygiene, based on village demand. We involve children and youth in health awareness programs like rallies, debates etc., because, children are the best messengers to carry the health awareness message to their parents, family and other community members. Health camps are also organized in villages for different age groups. Health camps are organized in coordination with the community keeping their time and other constraints in mind.

Our health workers conduct awareness programs to explain the required steps for prevention of malaria and other monsoon related illnesses. Consciousness of household cleanliness and eliminating stagnant water pools are easily identifiable solutions. Health workers and supervisors organize regular meetings to discuss disease prevention and diagnosis of AIDS, Polio, TB etc.,

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