Old Age Home : One home for each Mandal


The biological ageing process exposes individuals to greater risk from disability, chronic illness and destitution, a process exacerbated by poverty and other forms of structural inequalities. Care of the old, sick and abandoned is an complex process. Cultural pattern, prevailing attitudes and expectations- all need to be factored in while homing in on a model of appropriate care. We believe in ensuring that a person who is not fully capable of self- care can maintain the highest possible quality, according to his or her individual preferences, with the greatest possible degree of independence, autonomy, participation, personal fulfillment and human dignity. Hence, our aim is to give them medical and supportive care till they are capable of being rehabilitated with their families in this way SRI has been instrumental in restoring several old and infirm persons to their families.

In the district of Anantapuramu the children of these senior citizens have neglected most of the elders of the village mainly because they themselves are reeling under object poverty, All the able-bodied men and women leave the villages and migrate to other places in search of jobs. This has led to the old people having to fend for themselves. The combinations of old age physical inability and poverty is the worst tragedy that can befall any person.

Elderly people tend to be homesick. They seldom find somebody with whom they can share their experience and memories. And that's where SRI fits in, We have a dedicated staff who are available 24 hours a day to attend the elderly people needs. SRI provides Wheel chair and walker enabled spaces & ramps, Round the clock male and female attendants. SRI Old age Home is a heaven for elderly and has vast premises for the aged who rightly deserve to live the rest of their lives in happiness and pride. We are committed to extend much needed love and happiness to the elders and to eradicate insecurity and loneliness from their life through a new concept of living.

How you can help ?

Thank you to our amazing donors who have made Old Age Home Project possible. It has begun to scratch the surface and make a difference to the aged people who are desperately in need. With you donations SRI will create an age integrated society and promote the concept of active ageing and expand existing facilities and employ several more caregivers and administrators who can broaden the scope of the Project and provide utmost care to the elderly people.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.