Self Help Groups (S.H.G)


Little drops of water join together to form the Mighty ocean.

SRI is focusing on empowering Anantapuramu rural communities and working collaboratively with villagers over long periods. Self Help Groups initiated by SRI, which brought the rural women together to support one another, access financial and public services, and that has affected the whole community. The Federation model is based on the foundation that credit delivery to the poorest in itself is not enough. Ensuring development requires empowerment of the poor through training and institutional support systems. An improved operational Federation structure is being piloted to bring more transparency as well as better outreach and services to SHGs.

Self-help group encourage the women to save what little they have. Five rupees each woman scraped together over the course of months was the start of community resource-sharing to make investments that have completely changed the prospects of the 70 families. And the results go beyond one mandal: Nearby villages have seen the benefits and are replicating its model. This is what true development and community building looks like. It was electrifying to see. The SHGs significantly contribute to the empowerment of poor women.

SRI conducts training programmes for SHGs men and women and train them in formation and management of co-operatives counsel them in suitable self-employment, selection of small business or trade to provide live hood so that their quality of life is improved, provide skill training and vocational training for a sustainable live hood. This support is geared towards achieving goals that stretch beyond financial needs.

Utilizing savings for loaning.

Once an SHG has accumulated sizeable amount in the form of savings say for a period of about 3-6 months, the members may be allowed to avail loans against their savings for emergent consumption and supplementary income generating credit needs.

Change Their World. Change Yours. This changes everything.