Small Scale Entrepreneur


SRI creates awareness about entrepreneurship among women and youth by holding Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs in rural and urban areas, and also in educational institutions.

SRI was conceived as a means to encourage self employment among the youth and women of the surrounding community. The need for socio-economic independence of women. This program aims to develop entrepreneurship qualities and skills in rural community and guide them initiate productive enterprises. Increase technical knowhow and skill of the target community groups in both the farm and nonfarm sectors.

SRI creates opportunities for income generation and livelihood through promotion of entrepreneurship by enhancing management skills of the target community especially the socially backward communities of the region.

Besides helping out individual entrepreneurs to either set up new enterprises or to improve existing business, the program has also spurred the self-help group (SHG) members, into utilizing their “idle” savings for investing in enterprises. Select members of the SHGs are directed to the program so as to encourage them to start their own enterprises and thereby, become self reliant.

Participants are motivated for starting their own enterprise and briefed on the opportunities available for such enterprises, keeping in mind the local resources and technical feasibilty. Discussion on business ideas, schemes and incentives offered by various development and support agencies involved in business development. Outcomes of programs relate both to actual increase in household income and the increase in empowerment.

Because of the SRI support programme the people are able to:
Increase in the confidence level while dealing with the financial issues.
Increase in individual savings leading to financial security.
Increase in banking knowledge.

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