Vocational education is any form of training in a very specific set of job skills. In vocational training a person undergoes training in a particular skill specifically for the purpose of developing it as a career. It directly develops expertise in techniques related to technology, skill and scientific technique to span all aspects of the trade. Vocational education consists basically of practical courses through which one gains skills and experience directly linked to a career in future. It helps students to be skilled and in turn, offers better employment opportunities. Vocational training in the SOCIETY FOR RURAL IMPROVEMENT is provided on a full-time as well as part-time basis.

In addition to imparting skills required for expertise in a vocation, the courses will also foster inner capacities of students, inculcating within them values of civic responsibility; and build their competencies to work effectively in complex, inter-related social and organizational environments.

Objective of the Courses

Impart career oriented employability skills along with degree and enable youth to gain Sustainable and Relevant job opportunities after graduation. Awaken the full potential of Youth and prepare them to be responsible citizens and Agents of Social and Economic Transformation. Inculcate a strong value of civic responsibility and concern towards the welfare of people.

Who Does It Help?

Anantapuramu dissect ‘s the rural youth from underprivileged communities have remained under constant threat of unemployment which has occurred due to high illiteracy rate, high school dropout ratio, lack of vocational education, absence of skill inculcation trainings and nonexistence of initiatives in mainstreaming dropout youth and guiding them towards sustainable employment opportunities.

The Intervention aim is to reduce poverty and vulnerability of disadvantaged youth through improving their life skills and market-based skill training, the purpose of this project is to improve life skills and livelihood opportunities of poorer and Rural youth, aged between 18 to 30.

Problems being addressed

Due, to the congenial growth environment created at the Mandal level, there is a huge demand of skilled and trained human resource which will act as a decisive factor in employment generation for deprived and rural youth.
These deprived and rural youth group is not equipped with the necessary knowledge, Skills, training and attitudes to be employable in the organized sector. Lack of proper skill trainings and employment opportunities for deprived youth has increased unskilled labor practices and rate of migration, which has, in turn, enhanced vulnerability and insecurity amongst youth.
An optimistic estimate is that only one in five Job-seekers in India have ever had any sort of vocational training. The education that poor and Rural youth receive is inadequate and has little relevance to what the market is looking for in various services and manufacturing sector.
Trained Youths can secure good placement in different private companies, corporate, agencies and organizations through Placement Assistance Cell. Students: -The courses are designed so that every student can use them in their entirety or in segments, as per her/his individual needs.
SOCIETY FOR RURAL IMPROVEMENT is giving Training for Rural youth 50 different Modules (COURSES). The following courses and duration has given detail with age limit and schedule.

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