Women empowerment


SRI aims at empowering women and adolescent girls through literacy to access educational opportunities, enabling them to access to information and engendering educational processes. There are few initiatives that integrate women’s empowerment and social transformation within their educational work – which take the form of camps, centres and development of locally contextualized material for enabling and sustaining literacy and by exploring ways in which literacy can help women confront the challenges they face in their daily lives. One of the main challenges of this programme has been in working with the poorest and most marginalized communities in the Anantapuramu District.

Women face multiple marginalizations in economic, social and political domains, it has been a challenge to integrate all these issues within the educational curriculum. Due to these vulnerabilities as well as due to the programme being located in a geographically difficult interior area.

Literacy is not something that can be achieved well in the short. It often takes months of investment and capacity-building for the change to be visible and meaningful. Through this, we are reaching out to many women across the rural areas of Anantapuramu District. Institutionalizing our learnings, documenting them, providing trainings and supporting similar pilots in their regions based on our experiences in which the programmes sustainability will hopefully be addressed over the next few years.

How you can help ?

In order to reduce out adult illiteracy and to promote literacy achievement and social success, we are seeking funds. This project focuses on adult illiterates who have interest to become literate. Develop 15 adult education centers, one at one village to provide adult learning opportunities to adult illiterates.

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