Women Farmers Training Programme


Women plays a vital role in farming and operating small farms in Anantapuramu District. For the past ten years, large traditional farms have been in declined due to awareness and other amenities. While a large proportion of farmers in the rural are women, many lack voice and organization. To boost women farmers productivity and reduce their vulnerability to various challenges, women need to be able to access and apply appropriate training for rural farming.

SRI has taken initiative to improve women farmers access to training, their particular situations – including their level of literacy and domestic chores – need to be taken into account. Training programmes needs to be coordinated with improving women farmers’ access to resources to purchase inputs and technologies, and building strong rural infrastructure links to enable women to access training.

Women marginal farmers face on a daily basis in their efforts to produce food for their families and communities and focuses on how training can contribute to improved livelihoods for women in the developing world.

SRI’s awareness and skills training to women farmers has an impact to improve productivity, increase adaptability to deal with change and crisis, and facilitate the diversification of livelihoods to manage risks are at a premium in rural areas. In many cases, these skills are an issue of survival. Providing these skills effectively is one of the key challenges of rural women farmers.

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